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HEYTex® sign backlit

Glossy signs with luminous effects for multiple applications. HEYTex® sign backlit means

  • backlit
  • UV-resistant and flame-retardant
  • suitable for solvent and UV inks

HEYTex® sign frontlit

Making a strong appearance and leaving a great impression. HEYTex® sign frontlit means:

  • frontlit
  • flame retardant
  • weather restistant and UV stabilized
  • weldable

HEYTex® sign mesh

Elegant effect indoors and outdoors due to high-quality mesh fabric. HEYTex® sign mesh means

  • high-quality mesh fabric
  • binding thread guarantees stable fabrics without any distortions
  • flame retardant

HEYTex® sign blockout/banner

Expressive on each side due to printing on both sides. HEYTex® sign blockout/banner means 

  • printable on both sides
  • flame retardant
  • for long-term applications

HEYTex® sign truck

For more effect, make advertising slogans mobile by signs on trucks. HEYTex® sign truck means 

  • stable because of weights up to 900 g/m2
  • pure white, glossy banner material
  • suitable for screen printing and digital printing

HEYblue® digitex®

Ideal solution of all common indoor applications. HEYblue® digitex® means

  • PVC-free
  • completely recycable

Latex Print

Perfectly brilliant: HEYTex® sign and HEYblue® digitally printable media for Latex inks.

HEYTex cargo

High-quality, durable tarpaulins for trucks and trailers. HEYTex® cargo means:

  • good flatness
  • no curling
  • good weldability
  • flex resistance
  • colours according to RAL-standards

HEYTex® cover

HEYTex® cover materials provide ideal protective covers for all kinds of tarpaulins and container sheeting. HEYTex® cover means:

  • perfect flatness
  • durable
  • suitable for diverse welding techniques

HEYTex® flexitank

HEYTex® flexitank – a broad selection of items for flexible storage and transport containers, silo covers, bulk containers and much more.


HEYTex® bellows

Abrasion-resistant fabric with one or double-sided coating for bellows, hydraulic ramps, etc. HEYTex® bellows means:

  • high UV- and chemical resistance
  • flame retardant

HEYTex® oilboom

Oilbooms made of HEYTex® oilboom material are the right way to protect man, animal and the environment. HEYTex® oilboom means:

  • saltwater-resistant
  • high grade of adhesion
  • good resistance to oil and fuel
  • high abrasion resistance

HEYTex® double-wall

The three-dimensionally woven and coated fabric for partition walls, inflatable boat floors and more. HEYTex® double-wall means:

  • airtight coating
  • high stability

HEYTex® agriculture

In agriculture, our material are appreciated due to their technical specifications and long life. HEYTex® agriculture means

  • protective sheets
  • conveyor belts for excrements
  • wind break mesh

HEYTex® door

For extremely robust sealing for industrial gates and rolling doors. HEYTex® door means:

  • tear resistant
  • high dimensional stability
  • abrasion-proof

HEYTex® automotive

Indispensable coated fabrics for many automotive car equipment applications. HEYTex® automotive means 

  • very durable
  • flame retardant
  • water and oil repellent

HEYTex® biogas

Sollutions for gasholders, covers for liquid manure and many other more. HEYTex® biogas means

  • great variety of material types
  • very good resistance against biogas and liquid manure
  • very low permeability to methane

HEYTex® military

High-quality fabrics for demanding military applications. HEYTex® military means:

  • in accordance with IR (army) specifications
  • UV-resistant

HEYTex® specials

HEYTex® specials are products that convince in different fields by their optimal properties. HEYTex specials® means 

  • high durability
  • very long life cycle
  • high degree of application versatility

HEYTex® conveyor belt

HEYTex® conveyor belt – Premium quality coated fabrics for conveyor belts.

HEYTex® membrane

Translucent to opaque extremely strong polyester fabrics for demanding architectural structures. HEYTex® membrane means

  • UV stabilized
  • flame retardant
  • available with different topcoats

HEYtents - professional series

Extremely durable PVC-coated fabrics for light constructions, such as pavilions, big tents, storage tents and more. HEYtents professional series stands for: 

  • long lasting good look
  • UV stabilized
  • easy to process
  • high quality



HEYtents - light series

The new laminate series for light tents and more: 

  • high quality and light weight
  • weldable
  • flame retardant
  • available in RAL colours
  • individually printable

HEYTex® shade

UV-resistant PVC-coated fabric for long-lasting use for shading or covering. HEYTex® shade means

  • UV stabilized
  • flame retardant
  • weldable

HEYTex® pool

The indispensable and long-lasting basis for safe swimming pools. HEYTex® pool means:

  • anti-slip coating
  • resistance to chlorine water
  • UV stabilized

HEYTex® boat

The long tried and tested HEYTex® boat materials have excellent properties. HEYTex® boat means

  • UV stabilized and weather resistant
  • very durable
  • extremely airtight

HEYTex® double-wall

 The three-dimensionally woven and coated fabric for partition walls, inflatable boat foors and more. HEYTex® double-wall means:

  • airtight coating
  • high stability
  • high pressure load
  • good isolating effect
  • optimal stress distribution

HEYTex® sport

Coated fabrics for sport mats that withstand everything. HEYTex® sport means

  • anti-slip
  • high tensile stength
  • very good dimensional stability
  • high abrasion resistance
Technical textiles by Heytex are used all over the world. The high products quality, on-time implementation of very demanding projects even and the highest commitment to our customers make us a sought-after specialist for coated fabrics.


The quality for tents and textile architecture. HEYtents professional series.  




HEYtents light series. Laminates for tents and more.  



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New: The Heytex ColorBase database for large format printing. As of now, up-to-date and tested color profiles for nearly all media of the HEYTex® brand will be available to Heytex customers, free of charge.

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